>>> University Definition of Grades • A = Exceptional capacities and exceptional performance • B = Significantly more effective command of the material than is generally expected • C = Required mastery of the material • D = Grasp of the course is minimal • F = Failure to master the essentials.
>>> How the Math Works • Each of the three exams yields up to 25% of your basic course grade. The written component of the course informs the remaining 25%. In upper-division courses, the written requirement is a rubric-driven, researched term paper that deploys a minimum of four outside sources, at least two of which must be unambiguously literary-critical in character. Students who seek return of an extensively marked-up copy of the term paper, must submit it on or before a designated date, two or so weeks earlier than the due date for students who do not need or desire detailed instructor comments. In lower-division courses, the written requirement is a series of "Write Now" exercises (usually 25 individual artifacts), generated by the student as she or he reads and analyzes the text assigned for a given class session.


>>> Writing and the QEP • The emphasis on student-generated writing accords with and seeks to further Georgia Southern University's Quality Enhancement Plan, popularly referred to as "Write! Write! Write!" The official communication about the QEP highlights three goals: (1) promoting and supporting a recursive writing process transferable to and beyond the workplace; (2) ensuring the support necessary to teach and learn effective writing skills; and (3) heightening a campus-wide writing culture based on argumentation, analysis, and synthesis.